What are the modes and how they works

Any App Remote operate remotely with your computer via modes. In FREE version you have several integrated in the application. But if you buy the PRO version you will have the ability to download more extra modes! With Any App Remote PRO you can also create your own custom modes for any application which support hotkeys. Each mode is a simple XML file with specific structure. You can edit or create XML files with every simple text editor.

Simple mode XML structure:

        <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

You must replace NAME, LANGUGAE, DESCRIPTION, BUTTON-NAME and HOTKEY-CODE with some values. NAME, LANGUGAE, DESCRIPTION, BUTTON-NAME replace with text you wish. HOTKEY-CODE can represent single key or combination of keys pressed by the keyboard. BUTTON-NAME and HOTKEY-CODE are separated by ":".

Single key example: F1
Combination of keys example: CONTROL+ALT+DELETE (separate each key with "+")

In next code example HOTKEY-CODE represent single keyboard key press (numeral buttons from 0 to 4, F5 and F11). Hotkey command between <shake></shake> tags will be executed when the device is shaked! Create an XML file (for example TestMode.xml) and put the code below:

        <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
            <description>My first custom mode!</description>
                <button>About application:1</button>
        	<button>HowTo use Any App Remote:3</button>
        	<button>Watch video demo:4</button>
        	<button>Go back to top of the page:0</button>
        	<button>Fullscreen mode:F11</button>
        	<button>Refresh page:F5</button>
Save the file.
Modes are located in /sdcard/AnyAppRemote/Modes/ on your Android device.
When you download extra modes they are saved in this directory.
Integrated modes are not located on sdcard and can't be edited or deleted.
Copy TestMode.xml in /sdcard/AnyAppRemote/Modes/ and start Any App Remote PRO.
Connect to Any App Server, go to MODES and you will see Test Mode!
Now visit www.makaveli.eu/any-app-remote/ and test it.
This page support keyboard hotkeys.
Yes, that simple is. (:

List of supported HOTKEY-CODES